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Interviews - 2006-11 Metal Scream Zine

How did the band start? What made you pursue musical career?

TUE: Exekrator actually evolved out of a school band that started when we were around 15-17 I think. It wasn't necessarily very good in the beginning (like most school bands I guess). Around 1997 was probably the turning point where our style began to solidify.
As for what started me down a musical path in life, I don't remember... But I've always sought to be apart from the 'normal' existence of indoctrination, sorry education, and moneydriven careers that most people pursue.

Tell me something about your latest release.

TUE: "Ordo Bestiae" is a sort of compilation of our '99 EP (+extra tracks from that session) and our 2002 EP, both of which was never available on cd before. There is also a small preview of the upcoming 'real' full-length album in the form of a 'hidden' track, this is a demo of a track that will most likely be on the next album.

You have developed pretty unique style based on black,thrash and heavy
roots.Which bands inspired Exekrator's musical expression?

TUE: I guess in a large part what some call the 'first wave' of black metal, and many other 'non-black metal' bands also, like Guns N' Roses and Accept. But we never try to emulate anyone, or have an attitude like 'black metal has to sound like this' or whatever. We try to have our own style, and I guess it shows in that we're usually hard to classify.

Lyrics,ideology,is it important for you and how much?

TUE: Ideology, yes it is important for me, very much in fact. The need to express it? No not always. I don't require anyone else to see the world the way I do, only that they accept that I do... I guess you can extrapolate some of my views from the lyrics, but mostly they're symbolic. The lyrics are important to me, most are personal in some way I think. But hopefully there are several interpretations of them.

Beside the Exekrator engagement,what do band members do(for living,playing
in other bands etc.)

TUE: We all have normal boring jobs & one is currently studying at the university. It is not possible to generate a high income from an underground band such as Exekrator... Usually you're loosing money, heh.
One of our guitarists, Henrik Engkjr, is also in Victimizer, which you should have heard about, the other guitarist Mads Grave & myself is also in a band called Nightshade, which is a sort of rock-band.

Metal scene today? Black Metal today?

TUE: Hmm, I have always been a bit ambivalent in my feelings towards the 'scene'. What can be a great turn-off for me is the sometimes closed-mindedness of fans and bands alike. Sometimes the scene seems rooted in un-originality. I do like the 'community-side' of the scene though, the contact with zines, distros, small labels & other bands. And even if some won't think so, I like doing things like interviews. In theory at least, haha.
To be honest it is a long time since I heard a new black metal band that I really liked. But that is probably just me. Someone enlighten me?

Who are your heroes,your favorite bands etc...?

TUE: I can always listen to Danzig, I like his whole discography from the seventies to present. Also I've listened to (older) Mercyful Fate/King Diamond a lot. But I listen to lots of different music and not all metal either. I also like to collect (unofficial) live-recordings of many bands, sometimes I like a bands live-performance even though I find their studio recordings uninteresting.

Movies or books? Personal favs?

TUE: Books, I like the Dragonlance series, Tolkien, Douglas Adams... Gonna read the Dune series also. Movies, I like the original Star Wars, the first Matrix & many, many obscure movies that few has ever heard about, like old sf movies and what some considers bizarre movies like those of Jrg Buttgereit (Nekromantik etc.).

Future plans for the band?

TUE: We are currently writing songs for our first real full-length, which will hopefully be released sometime in the next year (2007).

Some message for the fans?

TUE: Visit for updates etc. We are still looking for members (permanent or session) to fill the positions on bass and drums, feel free to contact us if you are interested. We encourage all contact with labels, bands, zines etc., and we do try to answer all. A message may occasionally get lost though, so if you never got the reply you should have, please write again!
Thanks for the interview & support. Contact Exekrator at: info AT exekrator DOTT com.

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