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Interviews - 2006-10 Splattered Zone

Interviewed band : Exekrator
Interviewed member : Henrik Engkjaer, guitars
Date : 26/10 – 06.

1. Hi, I hope you’re fine, could you describe your band (date of creation, band
member….) ?
”Hails Splattered Zone! Exekrator is an underground veteran in twisted black/heavy metal. The style is quite insane and original, so not really comparable to other bands. The best thing would be simply to give it a listen.”

2. Could you list your releases, and give your opinion about it ?

”Rehearsal Demo” - tape, 97. Old, obscure recording!
”Beast Is Come” - 7''ep, 2000. Truely shows the diverse and dark originality of the band.
”Superstitionis Maleficiae” demo 2002 & 7''ep on View Beyond 2004. A step forward on the dark, twisted path.
”Ordo Bestiae” cd on Bestial Burst 2005. Comp. Album featuring both 7''ep's as well as previously unreleased tracks – the most important Exekrator-songs collected.”

3. What are your future plans (gig, new release, .....) ?

”We can't gig at this point as it seems impossible to find a drummer. But we're writing new material for coming releases (which will probably feature session drumming). And we'll probably contribute a cover of ”Von” for a Von tribute on Rusty Axe Records.”

4. Could you define your own kind of music you play and your main influences
when you write a new track ?

”The music is quite beyond labels. But it's black/heavy metal or actually just black metal (from before a homogenized black metal-”sound”). Influences are basically all that we hear and differs from each member. We have no concious influences, but King Diamond and old Mercyful Fate are important!”

5. Are you satisfied about the actual situation of your band throught the
Underground Metal Scene ; do you expect to be sign by a big record label ?

”No, I don't expect that any big labels will touch something so uncommercial and unconventional as Exekrator. Regarding the situation it can always be better. Some have heard of us of course and I expect more will come with time.”

6. Which kind of stuffs you dislike (music, mankind personnality,
government....) ?

”Yes, I dislike music, mankind and governments. I dislike almost everything in this world, except for a few select entities.”

7. What do you think about the International underground Extreme Metal scene
(actually, future…) ?

”The underground is mostly shitty and standard clone-bands. Still it has more good bands than the mainstream today. Cause mainstream-”metal” has very little to do with actual metal these days! There are too many labels and too many bands that sound the same and I suspect that it will grow worse in the future! But there still is a black flame of great bands in the underground, such as Nunslaughter, Funeral Mist, Inquisition, Sabbat and many more.”

8. Which band you recommended for a new fan would discover this Metal scene ?

”I would recommend that they start at the beginning with Black Sabbath and then take the bands in somewhat chronological order. That would grant the best insight in metal. And probably give a clear image of what ”metal” has become today.”

9. What do you think about the media throught the underground scene (paper
magazine, webzine, distribution...) ?

”Of course the zines are important. Some are good and some are not. But I think there are a bunch of good zines out there. I prefer paper zines myself and think they should recieve more support (like most good things in the underground). I read things on the web too when I have time of course. And distros are quite necessary to spread the black arts – again some have better cataloges than others.”

10. It’s up to you, write what you want about anything ?

”Thank you for the interview and interest. Anyone interested can listen to the music or get more information at: or simply contact us.”


thank you,

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