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Interviews - 2006-06 Xiuhkutl Horde

1. Exekrator has almost 10 years in the metal scene, How has hard work been thorugh all these years?

TUE: Yes, it can be hard work like answering these interviews haha! No, I don't really consider it hard work as such.. The worst times for me are when things are beyond your control and moving slowly.

2. What is the main essence on Exekrator to keep in the metal scene,already that on Denmark must be difficult to be in the like of people with a lo9t of metal bands. What do you think about this?

TUE: Not quite sure what you mean, but Exekrator surely has its own niche among the underground metal bands. I don't think the "scene" has much impact on the way things happen in Exekrator.

3. You edited a promo 2005,where you said that this recording was to attract the attention of a new drummer. Did you obtain any answer of some drummers?

TUE: Yes, there was some communication, nothing really fruitful though.
HENRIK: We are still looking, so anyone who can do session work can contact us

4. Could you talk us about your last cd "Ordo Bestiae". How has the acceptation been by metalheads,zines...?

TUE: Generally very good, at least I think it managed to get out to more people who couldn't/didn't get the EPs.
HENRIK: Compared to how insane and atypical the music is, it has been beyond all expectations for me. We've gotten some really good reviews and feedback.

5. Would you like to have something changed on this stuff adn why?

TUE: As it is basically a compilation of older recordings, there's not much you can change.. I'm happy it came out, but what I would like now is to release a completely new album..
HENRIK: This release really sums up the most important past recordings of Exekrator and hopefully we'll concentrate on the future now.

6. What is the form for composing on Exekrator,already that,Exekrator´s members have other bands too.

TUE: It is a sometimes very, very arduous process, let's just say that we are extremely critical of our own work, and if something doesn't work it gets scrapped...
HENRIK: Yes, I play in Victimizer also, but the songwriting for those two bands don't really interfere, since both the music and working methods are so very different.

7. I notice quite heavy metal influence on their music. What bands are their main influence?

TUE: I guess our inspiration is mostly what some call the "first wave" black metal bands, and maybe just heavy metal in general. I don't think there's one or two bands we can say are our main influence.

8. I heard your promo 2005 without/with a drummer, of course the sound is different. What do you prefer a human drummer or a programming drummer? And why do you consider that?

TUE: Well, the whole thing was an attempt to recruit a real drummer, so yes we prefer a human behind the skins.

9. Already that, I consider that contain more metal feeling with a human drummer? What do you think about this?

TUE: I agree, and future recordings will have a real drummer, though we will probably have to get a session drummer.

10. I read on your short biography that you will have upcoming releases How was the deal with every label?

TUE: Every deal was for one release if that's what you mean, so probably the next album will be on a different label also.
HENRIK: All deals have been verbal agreements for labels to release something with Exekrator. I think in that biography I listed the releases that we're planned at that time, but as many of the labels we've delt with have been very unreliable, only the "Ordo Bestiae" cd on Bestial Burst has been released. I'm very sceptical as to whether those other things will ever come out. Anyway Berstial Burst has been very cool and supportive and we're tlaking with a couple of new labels, so we'll see for the future.

11. I noticed that every release will be edited by different labels? Why?, why not are in only one label? It´s difficult to work with Exekrator,for having different labels.?

TUE: Because they're very small underground labels, they can't release that many things. We'll see about future releases, hopefully they can get slightly better distribution.
HENRIK: Having different labels is no problem as long as they stick to their agreements and dealy things forever. Most of the labels we have dealt with have not done this, and it's annoying when a label does not fullfill the agreement. So reliable labels can always contact us, while we can't really use unserious labels for much. Anyway, working with different labels is fine for me, as long as they stay honest.

12. I liked their music, already that contain heavy & black influences, I think that is a good mix between this 2 genres, Why you choosed this genre that contain that not have other genreS?

TUE: Because we like this mix! We could never put in like rap or hardcore parts because we would probably puke...
HENRIK: It's just what comes natural to us. I guess a combination of what we listen to and would like Exekrator to be.

13. Lately, you have had good gids with Exekrator? What was the last best gig adn why?

TUE: It is basically impossible for us to do any gigs, due to our situation (no drummer), also there isn't that much oppportunity for live gigs... Unless you arrange us a tour in Mexico, haha?

14. OBy now, Exist few heavy metal bands in mexico,What do yu know about this metal scene? do you have metalfriends here in mexico?

HENRIK: I'm sure I have been in contact with people from Mexico, but besides from yourself, I can't remember anyone right now. I'm still recovering from the Denial Of God/Ad Noctum/Strychnos concert the other day and for the same reason I can't conjure up any mexican metal bands now. I do know that there exists quite a bunch though. Just can't come up with any names.

15. ok, Henrik, I think that`s all for now. Could you tell us, what are you next gigs,releases? In a short or a long term?

TUE: Hopefully we can complete a new album in about a year, that is my plan for now...
HENRIK: Well, I'd rather not say anything about coming releases, as they are very unsure right now. Due to the earlier mentioned problems with labels. But yes, concentrating on writing the material for a full lenght is what well do now. And in the future it will be of course getting the right drummer and label for such an album.

16. Thanks a lot for your time. Tell that you like this is your spacious?

HENRIK: Thank you for the support and interview. Hails to all the metallers of Mexico! You can check out our music at the homepage and just getting in touch more more metallic insanity.

C/O Tue Brisson
Hjortoegade 10, 4. tv.
DK- 2100 Copenhagen OE

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