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Interviews - 2006-05 Nancy Luke

Hey Henrik, Thanks for taking this time for this interview..

Henrik: “Hails, thank you for your interest.”

give us a few words about Exekrator.

Henrik: “The band was formed back in '93 by Tue and former members. We have released two demos and two 7''ep's. Recently Bestial Burst from Finland, released a cd called “Ordo Bestiae”. This one includes our most important material to date. The style of Exekrator is a sick and original form of Black/heavy metal. Something that I'm not able to describe, so people should listen instead.”

I read that you had problem to find a drummer and label. Is this problem solved yet?

Henrik: “No, unfortunately it is not. Right now we're checking out an American drummer for a cover of Von, so we'll see what happens there. I also played the drums myself on some covers. But if we cannot find a steady member, we'll go for a session drummer, and that can be one from all over the world. So anyone can contact us.”

On the demo, the drums were made with a drum-machine. Was that easy at all?

Henrik: “Yes, well that was not really a demo, but more of an unofficial promo, only made to get some attention from drummers. Well, no it's not very good or easy to try and write this kind of music with a drum-machine. But if we cannot find a permanent member, that is what we'll have to do.”

I can see that you are counting on 2 vocals or 2 vocal ranges mainly....does your vocal do it himself or there is another back vocal?

Henrik: “No, Tue Brisson does all voices of insanity. Two different kind of voices are too little I think. But of course it is mostly the falsetto and growling vocals. Tue is a very unique singer.”

"Blackened heavy metal band"...some kind of magazine called you so. is that true? (if yes) How did you manage to switch that way from Heavy Metal to Black Metal?

Henrik: “I could be as true as any other description I suppose. Our music is really not easily described. You could also just call it black metal. It's natural for us to combine the two things. I can see a tight relation between those genres. Many early black metal bands were simply closer to heavy metal. For example Mercyful Fate, Venom, Root, Sabbat, Masters Hammer, Tormentor etc. This is a tradition we continue.”

I see that you have beating veins from the body of Mercyful Fate, Emperor, King Diamond. Are they some kind of influence, or steps to follow only?

Henrik: “Yes, those bands are some that we have been compared to and like (at least the early material in Emperor's case) so you can say they're an inspiration. But the have been compared to so many different bands and people have very different ideas about how we sound, so I think we just sound like ourselves.”

I see that the vocaling changed totally in the promo than any other you did. How can respond to that?

Henrik: “I don't think the vocals changed that drastically. The are always differences in the vocals from release to release, but there are certainly strong similarities as well. It depends on what the songs and releases call for. On the promo there are probably less growled vocals than before. But they are still present in some songs.”

Do you guys rehearse together often?

Henrik: “Usually two times a week. But it differs a bit. Right now we're not rehearsing because Tue and Mads are recording with their other band, Nightshade. But hopefully we'll pick it up again soon.”

Have you toured anywhere?

Henrik: “No, unfortunately Exekrator has had a lot of line-up problems. So the band has only played a few concerts and no tours. If we get a steady drummer, we plan to change that.”

Where would u like o tour?

Henrik: “I'm not really into these gigantic multi-year tours. A few weeks is more than enough for me. But in smaller bits I'd like to play all over the world I think. Every continent where it would be possible.”

Which band you would love to open up to?

Henrik: “Mercyful Fate anno 1984! But if we're talking current bands. Well, we already opened for bands like Pentacle and Grand Belials Key with my other band Victimizer and that's great for me! But King Diamond, Marduk, Nunslaughter, Sabbat, Macabre and many more would be very cool to open for as well.”

What do you guys do for living besides music?

Henrik: “We all work and play in two bands. And on top of that I have university-studies and work on a magazine to tend to. So all wake seconds are counted for!”

(If you didn't answer it) what about your side-projects? any member is involved in any?

Henrik: “Yeah, I've mentioned it, but anyway: Tue and Mads play in Nightshade which is a kind of atmospheric music. And I play in Victimizer – violent speed/thrash!! You can find links to these on our homepage.”

What motivated you to be a guitarist?

Henrik: “The love of metal and the sound of the guitar. Nothing else really. I'm glad I started playing back in the day.”

Your Exekratorian dream?

Henrik: “Exekratorian? Haven't heard that word before he he... Well, it would be to get a steady line-up, record a new album, have it released by a good and reliable label and going out to play some concerts. I've never had great rock-star dreams. I just want to create what I consider to be good music.”

What about your future plans?

Henrik: “We want to record an album, with some kind of solution for the drums. That's the first priority. Other than that we're just promoting the new “Ordo Bestiae” cd and waiting for the W.A.S.P. - tribute on Codiac records to be released, where we have contributed a cover “The Flame”. And we'll try to get the Von-cover done for a tribute on Rusty Axe.”

Anyway, it has been very nice having you here with us. Any final words?

Henrik: “Thank you for the interview and interest. Those interested can get all info at: and get in touch with us at: Metal till death!”

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