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Interviews - 2006-05 Surlity Zine

Surlity Zine #4

1. Greeting from Thailand warbrother, in the first I think a lot of the reader here unknown about Exekrator before, could you introduce yourself and the history of your band to the reader of Surlity Zine?

Henrik: ”Hails Preecha. Exekrator was formed in Denmark back in 1993. The band has released two demos, two 7” ep's and a new cd on Bestial Burst from Finland. Over the years the band has developed a unique form of black (heavy) metal. It's better to hear it than describe it I think.”

2. How''s you life there in todays, and tell us about the shit AVAIN-FLU-VIRUS are it's spreading in your country? What are your attitude about this events/incident?

Henrik: ”Well, this bird-virus has certianly got a lot of people very concerned, but I don't care about any diseases as long as they don't have any real influence on my life. I think some birds have died, but no human casualties yet in Denmark. Maybe that has changed when this zine is out?”

3. Could you tell us more about to your town, where is the best place for visit?

Henrik: ”I live in Copenhagen and there's really not much to see. This city certainly has some nice monumental buildings of old, that I have recently opened my eyes to, but generally this place is a shithole.”

4. Ok back to your band, in my opinion Exekrator were more influenced by old heavy metal, Could your tell us of them?

Henrik: ”Yes, Exekrator is inspired by old heavy metal and also old metal in general. Simply because new metal generally stinks. Personally I love the black metal scene from before there were a thousand identical bands. But of course I think we all enjoy classic heavy metal as well like Judas Priest, Accept, W.A.S.P., Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and tons of others. Exekrators sound is inspired by these among others, but it's basically a unique way of doing things.”

5. I think I was difficult to create an riffs and solo guitars. Uhmm.. how many how a days have you use for this "Superstitionis Maleficiae" demo?

Henrik: ”Creating a riff or a solo can be done in a second. However creating good riffs and solos an making them all fit together to create the right atmosphere can be quite demanding. It depends on what you want of course. Most bands today do not make good music in my opinion. In Exekrator, creating songs is a very long and exhausting process, so the songs for the ”Superstitionis Maleficiae” demo/7”ep took very long to write. The recording was very quick though! We basically only had two days to record in the studio! However we used more time for the mixing and mastering back at the Exekrator dungeon.”

6. I think your "Superstitionis Maleficiae" demo will be has the positive review from the editors, but does you has the negative review from any zine?

Henrik: ”Yes, the reviews have been mostly positive ones, and actually most have been much more positive than I expected (same for our new ”Ordo Bestiae” cd). Of course there have been negative reviews, but not at much as excepted. We play very speciel and extreme ”love it or hate it”-music – something only for the few. But some people must like us I guess.”

7. I think it was long time after your "Superstitionis Maleficiae" demo is release. In today do you have any new release or material for your next releasse? Could you tell us more about them?

Henrik: ”Yes, since last ”Superstitionis Maleficiae” has been released as a 7”ep by czech label View Beyond. And a few months ago the finnish label Bestial Burst released the music of both our 7”ep's + 2 unreleased bonus tracks on a cd called ”Ordo Bestiae”. A comp. Cd of our most important material! We also did 4 new songs for a promo (these tracks will be made in better versions for coming releases), which was only ment to get a drummer. We haven't got one yet though!! Besides that We recorded some covers . ”The Flame” for an upcoming W.A.S.P. Tribute on danish Codiac Records and some yet unreleased Misfits covers. We might finish a VON-cover for a coming tribute, with an american drummer. That's all I think.”

8. How long have you and the rest of Exekrator member into the underground metal?

Henrik: ”I've been into metal since 1991, as for underground metal I'm not really sure. It's a gradual thing I guess. I just noticed some great bands like Death SS, Sabbat, Nunslaughter etc. and got into it. It was quite a few years after I got into metal, but can't say excatly when.”

9. What do you and all member do for living? Does the musicial is enough for living there?

Henrik: ”No, you cannot live from playing metal, and we most certianly can't in Exekrator. This is an underground band. Maybe there are 10 danes that have been able to live off metal through history. We all have our jobs to live. And I study religion as well.”

10. What are the band and album that you are listening to this few days?

Henrik: ”Much different stuff these days I think. I just changed the record from Mortem: ”Decomposed By Possession” to Cirith Ungol: ”King Of The Dead”. But I'm also listening to Necrovation and the new Funeral 7”ep on Pentagram Warfare Records. Besides that I'm listening to Anael, Doro, Hollywood Rose, Triumphator, Darkthrone, Misfits, Morbid, Denial Of God, Shining and Vital Remains. I believe I have a very broad musical taste and don't just listen to one style of metal.”

11. Do you have any side-project? Does anyone from the band plays in other band?

Henrik: ”Yes, I play in the danish speed-thrash band Victimizer, which is signed to the american label Hells Headbangers. There will be a split lp with Sodomizer out soon and an album further down the line. Tue and Mads play in a more atmospheric and depressive band called Nightshade. They are recording new material at the moment. They used to play in a death metal band called Concentus before it split up as well. And I might do a new project soon. Watch out. There should be links to these bands on the Exekrator page.”

12. What are your opinion about the dispute of USA and Iran? Do you think it will be borning the war?

Henrik:”Hmm.. I can't predict if it will come to a war. We'll see. As long as this doesn't have a concrete effect on my life, they can do what they will.”

13. Do you think this days our world is had the critical of the oil? Do you think a lot of the problem come from USA?

Henrik: ”The problem is a quite complex political and economic one. But with new technology, perhaps oil will be almost obsolete in 20 years..”

14. What are you attitude if Iran don't stop the nuclear project?

Henrik: ”Hmm, a bit too political for a band question I think. As long as none of this affects me, it's none of my concern.”

15. Ok this is the solf question, What are seeing when you sleeping and dream(hehe)?

Henrik: ”Nightmares almost every night.”

16. Are like drug? Tell us about the best beer there?

Henrik: ”I used to buy which ever beer is cheapest, but now I must admit that I almost always go for Carlsberg. I think that is probably the best brand I've ever tasted and you don't get tired of the taste.”

17. Have you known something about the underground scene here in South-East Asia and specailly about Thailand?

Henrik: ”Well, actually we were contacted by the Malaysian label Rhapsodeath about doing a split cd with Violator. But I don't think this will ever happen. I like their Nunslaughter tape very much however. Other than that we've gotten some letters and interviews form different zines and people over there. Of course we know great asian bands like Sabbat, Metalucifer, Impiety, Ritual Carnage, Gorgon, Abigail etc. but actually I can't remember any thai-bands, sorry!! Maybe I will learn some more from reading your zine? But from Thailand I do remember Natt and his Slava productions/zine. Exekrator is going to be on his next compilation tape, I think.”

18. What do you plan for the future? And merchandise for sale?

Henrik: ”For the future we would really like to get a drummer and record and album! Also play some live rituals. So all drummers and labels should get in touch. Right now for sale we have: ”The Beast is Come” 7”ep, ”Ordo Bestiae” cd (those who order from Bestial Burst get a free poster though) and we have a few t-shirts left.... You can order from the homepage.”

19. I think this is enough for asking you, I'm sorry if I asking any shit question!!! So, do you have anything that I don't ask you?

Henrik: ”No, the questions were fine. Perhaps a bit too much about politics. We're more about darkness and evil, but people will notice that if the listen to the music and see the releases of course.”

20. Mega thanx for sparing time doing my question?

Henrik: ”Thank you for the interview and interest. All metal-fanatics of thailand, feel welcome to get in touch. We are searching for a drummer. You can listen to music and get info at:
Contact: or


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