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Order Information:

These are the releases you can buy straight from us:

* "Promo 2005" - CDR (2005) - 8 tracks on CDR with proprinted cover & label. Only 100 made.

* SOLD OUT - "Superstitionis Maleficiae" - 7" Gatefold EP (2004) - 4 tracks on black vinyl, limited to 333 handnumbered copies (View Beyond Records)

* SOLD OUT - "Superstitionis Maleficiae" - Demo CDR (2002) - 4 tracks on cdr with front and back cover, lyrics included.

* "The Beast Is Come" - 7" EP (1999/2000) - 2 tracks on black vinyl, strictly limited to 500 copies.

All releases above each costs the following (including airmail postage):
Denmark: 30 DKR - Europe: 5А - World: 6А/$­ннннннннннн7

Wholesale prices - 10 copies including postage and packaging:
Denmark: 250 DKR - Europe: 35А - World: 40А/50$­ннн

* "Ordo Bestiae" - CD (2005) - 8 tracks on CD with 8-page cover.

This release costs 11А+postage which comes to the following:
With jewelcase: Denmark: 95DKR - EU: 13А - World: 17USD
Without jewelcase: Denmark: 90DKR - EU: 12А - World: 15USD

Contact us for wholesale prices.

We accept cash (at your own risk) in a (registered) letter sent to the address below.
Payment by paypal is also possible, email for details.
Bank transfer is possible within the EU, email for details. Contact us for other deals/orders.

Exekrator is also searching for labels to release our material in the future.