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Promo 2005 (Reviews)

Exekrator - Promo 2005
Release: 2005
Label: Demo/self-released
By: Anders
Posted: Aug 23, 2005
The Danish hell-horde of Exekrator is once again back. This time not with an official release though. The band is on the look for a drummer and a label to call home. That is why they have recorded 4 new tracks, with a drum-machine, to show off their material and in that way attract a new drummer, and with some luck a label.

Blackened heavy metal as always, the band has their niche and develops inside that. The songs are pretty catchy and not as chaotic as it has been heard before from the band. The main riffs are good and catches on fairly quick. There are a good solo or 2, but the riffs impresses more than them. The vocals are as always the distinct scream, an excessive King Diamond like scream, which makes the bones shiver. The vocals seems quite awkward the first couple of times one listens to Exekrator, but as soon as they settles, they bring a lot to the atmosphere and the experience.

The band has matured quite a bit since the last release, the 7" "Superstitionis Malificiae". The threads in the songs are always present and the band tries new ideas and they works. Especially the vocal work is good. The vocals on the track 'Eternity Below', where the main vocal is clean and raw, and just below that the usual scream. That exact duet creates a hell of an effect and brings a perfect eerie atmosphere into the living rooms.

This is a pretty good promo that Exekrator has made, and it will for sure bring some attention towards the band. Well deserved attention that is, the band has been around for a while, and hasn't delivered any bad material yet. Dark blackened heavy metal, with good guitar work and an extreme and great vocal. It all sounds appealing to me, and I'm quite picky.
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Please note that we don't grade demo-releases, to avoid comparison to label/album-releases.

EXEKRATOR - Promo 2005 Released: 2005 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 4/6 | Reviewer: PSL | Distribution: Exekrator According to the info sheet this is not an official Exekrator release because it's computer drums instead of the real deal. The band is currently looking for a suitable drummer so drummers interested in trying for the slot shouldn't hesitate in contacting the band. Exekrator have evolved further since the release of their Superstitionis Maleficiae EP. The song writing has improved and even though there are computer drums on this promo the band sounds tighter and more focused. But also the sound in general has improved and it really gives the music something extra. The music is still pretty much a hybrid between Mercyful Fate and Emperor. Vocalist Tue Brisson sounds even more diverse in his expression, particularly in "Darkness Remains". The similarities with King Diamond vocal-wise are still very obvious, but it only adds a bit of retro feel to the music. Even though this release isn't minded on getting a record deal, but more on finding a drummer, it ought to gain the band some serious attention from the labels. I hope they succeed in their search because this is just too good to be kept in the dark for the public much longer.

Metal Revolution # 9
Exekrator (promo 2005)I hope the majority of Metal Revolutions readers have already heard about Exekrators name ´cause in the previous issue(s) of our magazine we've reviewed and interviewed the band. In that occasion it was the band's 2003 demo cd-r "Superstitionis Maleficiae" that got a very good review in the magazine. Now Henrik Engkjær (guitars) my friend and one of the most active persons in the Danish underground has sent me the band's new 2005 promo. Important thing to mention is, that this recording does not include "real" drumming but only computer-drumming and the band itself doesn't consider it to be "true and honest material". The reason why the band have made this release is just to get the attention of Danish underground and call up everyone, from promoters, to fans and musicians to spread the words about the band and it's activities. But most important is the fact that the band seeks a drummer. Anyone interested in hearing this promo can order it directly from the address below and esp. people who want to try themselves playing this form of black metal are more than welcome to contact the band for more information. Despite the "bad and computerized" drumming, I consider this 2005 promo to be the band's best work to date. On this cd you can also find the bands previous 4 demo tracks with "real drums" included. Meanwhile the band have recorded a WASP cover "The Flame" for WASP tribute album as well as two Misfits covers - so the band is very active. Interested? The contact the band at: info@exekrator.com or www.exekrator.com.

PROMO 2005

Udgivelse: N/A / Online: 19.12.05
41:54 min. / 8 tracks
8/10 Anmeldt af Bjorn     80%      

Exekrator er et af Danmarks ældre Black Metal bands i undergrunden, med deres første udgivelse helt tilbage i 1997. Dette er dog mit første møde de sorte labaner, der efter mit udsagn er temmelig vilde med Mayhem's ”A Grand Decleration of War” cd - i hvert fald hvis man skal dømme efter cd’ens første nummer "Eternity Below". Nummeret indeholder nemlig en 1:1 kopi af riffet fra den selv samme sang på Nordmændenes kontroversielle klassiker. Desuden har man også ligeså megen chance for at skræmme folk væk med den meget ekstreme vokal, der virkelig lyder som om manden har et æg i klemme. Efter et par gennemlytninger havde jeg dog vænnet mig til denne blanding af King Diamond, Udo Dirkschneider og en fæl lille trold, faktisk synes jeg at de giver sangene en interessant tvist af det vanvittige. Musikalsk bevæger vi os også meget omkring, lige fra klirrende kold black metal i stil med Mayhem og Marduk i de to første skæringer, medens man i "Black Ice" trækker på den gamle Kong Diamants geniale horror metal. "Black Ice" er uden tvivl også cd’ens bedste nummer, hvor den ekstreme stemme rigtig kan udfolde sig. "Ex Draconis" derimod er et stemningsfyldt episk nummer der langsomt begyndende med slæbende rytmer og en elegisk guitar langsomt bygger sig op. De sidste fire numre stammer fra bandets "Superstitionis Maleficiae", der mere bevæger i den gængse black metal verden, dog er standarden her også dejligt pænt høj. Derfor vil jeg da håbe at drengene snart kan kradse deres underskrift under en kontrakt, så vi kan komme i den nydelse af et ordentligt produceret værk fra dem.