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Interviews - 2005-02 Wolfpack Zine

From WOLFPACK fanzine

1. Give us a little biography of EXEKRATOR?

Henrik Engkjær: “Well, Exekrator started out in Copenhagen, Denmark back in ’93. The band has had many line-up changes from which vocalist Tue Brisson is the only original member. The band has only done a few releases though more is under way. The releases so far are: demo 97, “The Beast is Come” 7’’ep, demo 2004, “Superstitionis Maleficiae” 7’’ep (vinyl release on View Beyond rec. including our latest recording). We have some new material and and contact with some labels, so you can stay updated on:”

2. How would you describe the music of your latest work?

Henrik: “Our latest 7’’ep is in the vein of all our material: original and insane black (heavy) metal. No body really knows how to describe our music and we have been compared to so many extremely different bands, so the best thing would be to just listen to the music on the homepage yourselves!”

3. Your lyrics what talking about?

Henrik: “The lyrics are about darkness, death, torture, pain, hell, evil etc. black metal subjects you could same. Some lyrics might include pagan imagery, but the theme of the songs is always in conspiracy with darkness and evil.”

4. How you see the black metal scene in your country?

Henrik: “Mostly it sucks, with many crappy bands and annoying people. Most bands are just ripping of the Norwegian sound, which I can’t really find interesting. A few bands are worthy of support though. Like the mighty originators, Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. Some of the bands that should be checked out are: Denial Of God, Church Bizzare, Strychnos, Blackhorned and perhaps a few I have forgotten. Besides Exekrator I also play in the bands Full Moon Lycanthropy ( and Victimizer, and I think that these bands are also included amongst the ones that should be checked out. I wouldn’t play in these bands if I didn’t find them very different and good.”

5.Will you tell some interesting details about your city?

Henrik: “Hmm, what would you find interesting? Historical stuff or metal-related things? To tell you the truth, I don’t care much for society or humanity. Well, Copenhagen is the capital of this small country and Mercyful Fate were from the vicinity of here. Today there’s nothing really interesting going on here, but it seems there’s finally some metal-concerts coming to Denmark. In February for example I will go see Marduk, Mortuary Drape and Judas Priest. Most people here think Slipknot and Nightwish is metal.”

6. EXEKRATOR what do you mean for you?

Henrik: “Exekrator means a way of making dark, original and good metal music. It’s a band that’s far from others. A force that stands alone.”

7.Favorite black metal bands?

Henrik: “Favorite black metal. Well, I really like the scene from before the explosion of bands, where everyone started sounding the same. I like stuff like Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Mercyful Fate, Death SS, Mortuary Drape, Sabbat (Jap.), Morbid, Tormentor, Von, Masters Hammer, old Samael, Mayhem etc. but also stuff like Dissection, Pagan Rites, Darkthrone, Funeral Mist, Denial Of God, Watain, Ondskapt, Absu, old Emperor. Anything that can create the right atmosphere, has an own sound and does real songs, that you can remember. I also listen to other kinds of metal.”

8.Live experience is something important to you?

Henrik: “Hmm, I would be nice to do some live-shows, but due to severe line-up problems, not much has become of it. Also what audience should we play for? People want Burzum-clones, hardcore, nu-metal, whatever. I simply don’t believe that most people will understand our sound. If you listen to Cannibal Corpse and come to our show, well, what would be the point? Our audience is the chosen few scattered all over the world. We are basically a “love it or hate it” type band. Playing live is not really that important for me. Recording has always been my main interest. To create something eternal that I can hold in my hand and listen to, when I feel for it. To create music that I can appreciate myself.”

9.What can you say about natural disaster of our planet?

Henrik: “As long as these things don’t affect my few allies, I don’t care. I’m not a humanitarian who feels the pain of the world and sympathises with strangers. Human beings are maggots. Natural disasters are a way of underlining the fragility of humanity.”

10. EXEKRATOR future plans?

Henrik: “Well, we have some releases planned on different labels. There will be a split with Violator on Rhapsodeath rec. including “Superstitionis Maleficiae” and some unreleased stuff. Also there will be a comp. album including both our 7’’ep’s and some unreleased bonus material. It will be called “Ordo Bestiae” and will include most of the important Exekrator material at this point. Tape on Misanthropic Propaganda and Cd on Bestial Burst. Maybe someone is interested in releasing a vinyl version of this? Other than that we really to find a skilled drummer to record our new material and maybe play live.”

11.Last words?

“Thanks for the interview and a chance to spread the pestilence of Exekrator. Anyone interested in unique black metal that continues the tradition before every band had so sound the same, you can check our music at, Also if someone wants to write us about anything, the contact info is below. “



C/o Tue Brisson

Hjortoegade 10, 4 tv.

2100 Copenhagen OE



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