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2003-11 Pernicious Zine (Interviews)

From Pernicious Zine, November 2003.


1.- In your biography put you don't want be into actual danish B.M. scene but nevertheless do yourself consider you like a Black Metal band. Maybe this is 'cause haven't you good relationship with B.M. bands of your country? Perhaps it's due to attitude of that bands or for your particular musical style what don't have some in common with the rest of B.M. bands?

    Yes, this was a stab at part of the 'new' metal-scene, the Danish one in particular... Not so much the underground perhaps, but it's just that I take this seriously and I was really tired of the weak state of everything & the mentality of a lot of people. You know, hundreds of same-sounding, boring releases etc.…

    This may still be the case, but I really don't care anymore - we do what we do, others do their own shit, it does not concern me much.

2.- In the tape did you send me (you know, the '97 rehearsal tape) is enclosed some track never was officially released. So really I think that tracks not should remain in forgetfulness, never do you think release it in some format?

    We are hanging on to the ’99 songs for now, maybe in the future someone wants to put them out 'properly'. The ’97 songs, however, will be put up on our website (www.exekrator.com) Nov./Dec. 2003 for free & in high quality. This will be our 10 year-anniversary gift to anyone who's interested.

3.- For start your discography did you release your stuff in a 7"EP, an uncommercial and full underground format, why did you think in release a 7"EP? Perhaps because you're a vinyl fanatic?

    Yes, we're all vinyl freaks! Also, better to release it on vinyl than some shitty tape.

4.- Besides, this 7"EP was edited by yourself, this is a great problem for dis tribute that stuff for yourself?

    Yes, a bit, and we still have a few copies left if anyone is interested - both for distros and individuals. "The Beast is Come" 7" and/or "Superstitionis Maleficiae" CDR w/covers is: one copy 5€/Europe or 7$­­/World incl. P&P. Wholesale: 10 pcs. of either release (or 5 of both): 30€/Europe or contact us. Also trades are possible.

5.- In your previous letter tell me you've new tracks and hopefully for this year will be released in any format, not it's? Can you say us the titles of new songs and by the way speak us something about of it?

    Yes it's out now! Of course it took longer than I had planned, but out it is.. The new demo is called "Superstitionis Maleficiae" and is four tracks of fast metal in our special style. Currently only available on cdr from ourselves and a few distros, but we're hoping to put it out on vinyl early next year (2004) in collaboration with View Beyond Recs.

    The songs are as follows:

    Acheron's Call/Back to Hell – Jætteblod - Yggs Høge - I was the Demon

    Production is not really great unfortunately, but it IS a demo-release, so you should be able to get past it! Other than that it is way more powerful than the last release!

6.- I guess EXECRATOR exist from '93 year but I think you've really very few stuff released in all this years, don't you think? Maybe one of the main reason for it is due to your line up problems did you've?

    Well, yes, you are correct. And yes, we've had many, many problems with the lineup & other shit... It is extremely hard to recruit new members with a similar attitude in our area & there is even fewer that like our style of music... I guess we'll always be a "love it or hate it" band, but it can sometimes make things difficult.

    Anyway, I'm hoping we're past most of these problems with our new lineup, what we still need though is a new fast-as-hell, metal-maniac drummer!

7.- The tracks in '97 rehearsal tape is much more slow and Doom that the two 7" EP's songs. This is because EXECRATOR start in first days like a Doom Metal band?

    Well, not really, we've never made a conscious effort to fit any category other than being occult or satanic in our expression, and that's mostly me... Actually, it was the same style back then, only slower! It just sort of evolved into the faster way of playing we do now, which fits us great though I think!

8.- Some reviews did compare you with mythical band LIVING DEATH and to say your music is most in old Speed or Thrash/Black vein. Accept you this comparations? Do you think LIVING D. and other bands in same musical style is your mo re direct influencies?

    I don't mind the comparison, no. But I don't really see the point either. If you need to define something before you'll know if you like it or not, I think you're missing the point... What makes our style is more intangible - it is the expression we're trying to put forth, not clinging to any particular 'style'. This expression (dark grandeur and sometimes despair) I seem to find mostly in black metal. Not exclusively though, for example Danzig creates some of the same moods & there could be others as well... THIS is what we try to use as our 'style' if you will.

    It seems most people don't really know what to think of Exekrator's style - a good thing perhaps, 'cause we don't sound like anything else and have no intentions of following any trends...

    We don't always understand why, but we have been compared to Sabbat (Jap.), Living Death, Accept, King Diamond, Bork Nagar, Angra and even Bruce Dickinson!

9.- Your style remain me more to your compatriot band INVOCATOR. What do you think about it? By the way, what's your opinion about this band?

    You see, now we've also been compared to Invocator, hehe. Hmmm... Maybe you're thinking of their first album "Excursion Demise"? That's more technical, while we are more fast, original, dark and insane! Invocator has just been reformed with a more modern sound and boy band-look! So at least nowadays we have nothing in common anymore.

10.- Following with your musical style, maybe your kind of sing as particular is one of the causes for your personal musical style? Don't you think this is a "special mark" for your band?

    Yes, the vocals are a special part of Exekrator, while the music is a bit more like old-schooled black/heavy metal perhaps. Certainly no one sounds like me, hehe! It’s sort of a cross between black metal screams & classic heavy metal vocals, I guess, if I should describe it…

11.- Speaking of bands, I want know the words of a danish guy about of the main danish Metal band ever like is MERCYFUL FATE, so what do you think about of this cult band?

    MF is the greatest black and/or heavy metal band to come out of this country! 'Nuff said!

12.- Like is said previously EXECRATOR is a different band of the so called nowadays underground scene, so how get you an own and particular musical style nowadays? By the way, don't you think your varied music can like it as to Black metallers as like Speed or Heavy metallers? It's to say, your music is liked for an also varied Metal people? So, what kind of public do you think listen your music?

    Yes, we could appeal to all sorts of metal crowds, but most people just want the same normal, trendy shit. We appeal to people who want something out of the ordinary! And yes, most bands today sound normal and boring, and now most bands want to sound like trendy nu-metal shit. Very few bands are original.

13.- In your 7" EP's artwork appear your lyrics translate to runic language. So I guess you're interested in your own history and mithology, etc. but however your lyrics concept is most in a horror and dark way, not it's so? So tell us a few about your lyrics, ok?

    The concepts and symbolisms I use are mainly Satanic or Scandinavian/pagan inspired. This is just what suits me, I guess. I used to write more anti-christian stuff, but I don't find that so interesting anymore. There are underlying themes of death, and sometimes rebirth, in most of the lyrics. I use the lyrics as a catalyst for certain emotions, feelings of power or despair or even both!

14.- Speaking about Metal and dark way of life, why do you think all involved with occultism, satanism and darkness is very usual in Metal music? Metal is maybe the most spiritual music exist?

    HENRIK: Yeah, the darkest forms of metal probably appeal to the same people as occultism etc., and yes some forms of metal are way more spiritual than crap like jazz, techno, pop, dance, hip-hop, nu-"metal". But please don't call Anthrax' "Metal Thrashing Mad" spiritual! Metal is very varied: you have dark, spiritual stuff as well as drunken, rocking shit.

15.- And by the way, metalheads... Do you think we're the most spiritual people than rest of humans in this world? So, what do you think make us different to rest of people?

    HENRIK: There are spiritual people both within and outside the metal scene. Besides most people have both a spiritual and a non-spiritual side. What makes us different is that we are into metal - the only cool thing in the world, our life is rich, and theirs is stupid crap! Without metal we would be nothing!

    TUE: Well, BM has always been connected with Satanism – question is how deep it goes or if it’s more of an image (generally speaking)? That’s impossible for me to know of course, but at least for SOME it is no more than an image…

    Also there’s the question of what IS spirituality and is it something that’s desirable to have? I don’t know, I probably wouldn’t even consider myself a spiritual person, the definition does not really hold an all-positive meaning for me. More interesting to me would be philosophy – for me Satanism (or whatever ideas/ideals I might subscribe to) is about philosophy, NOT (necessarily) spirituality.

16.- Now, speaking about of natural differencies, nowadays the fucking society try make us see all human beings are alike, but don't you think this is absolutely just an utopia? Do yourself consider you different or do you think all beings are alike?

    HENRIK: Because we're into metal we live in a different world than everybody else. We hate everybody that's not into metal - we have nothing in common. Especially those people that are into trendy nu-"metal" - they are only making a mockery of the word 'metal'.

    TUE: If you don't see yourself as different in at least some aspects, there's something wrong with you! Yes, people generally into metal usually see themselves as very different or apart from rest of society... Why? Well, actually it would seem logical that there is a higher concentration of individualists on the borders of what is called society - in a society majority rules, for better or for worse! And 'majority' in this case would seem to be intolerants with herd mentality.

17.- Turning again into musical aspect, is true the music serve for express the most dark feelings but don't you think have also other forms for it like movies, books or theatre for example? For that, do you think in a live show is important transmits musical feelings through of a kind of theatre involved with musical spirit?

    For us the music is most important and effective. But of course there can be darkness in occult/horror films and books. Don't know about theatre, hehe... However music perhaps speaks to you in a more effective way – it can sometimes convey feelings on a more primitive level, without much conscious interpretation.

    We haven't played so many live shows yet, because right now we are searching for a drummer. But we have plans for shows involving blood, guts, spikes, chains, leather & bones - something special indeed!

18.- Now I want go with a more in deep question. In case some future day will come the total extermination of human being. How do you think will be the world after of it? Do you think world be missed of our existence?

    What a glorious day! That would probably be a natural world, and the animals probably wouldn't miss us! Most humans suck anyway...

19.- Well, that's all. Just can you say do you want for stop here this interview, ok? Thanks for all!!

    Look out for "Superstitionis Maleficiae" on 7", hopefully around early 2004.

    You can check out free stuff at www.exekrator.com. Any distros, zines and other correspondence should be directed to:

    C/O Tue Brisson
    Hjortoegade 10, 4. tv
    Copenhagen OE
    email: hellgate@exekrator.com

    Also any labels interested in future releases should contact us!

    Hails to all the metalheads, and thanks for this interview! Stay metal! Support the underground! Fuck nu/trendy "metal"!