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Interviews - 2004-04 Aeternitas Fear

Aeternitas Fear

Interview with Exekrator

1. Hi!! We’ll start as always with a short bio of yourself and your band.

    Tue: “Exekrator, the Danish Black Metal band, born in 1993, continues to shock the world with their relentless dark and unique black/heavy metal. Their latest release, ‘Superstitionis Maleficiae’ offers 4 uncompromising, hardhitting tracks, incl. the smash hit ‘I was the Demon’. Members of this unholy union are – Tue Brisson (with lungs of blood), the ever-present axeman Henrik Engkjær (of Full Moon Lycanthropy fame) & Mads B. Grave also on strings (of strangulation).“ – Haha, how’s that for a bio? Sorry…

2. You started way back in 1993, why did it took you so many years to release something?

    Tue: We weren’t exactly experienced musicians when we started out, and we had to find our own style, I guess the first couple of years are usually pretty slow when it comes to releases. As for after 1997, when we did our first demo, I don’t really have an excuse, but let me just say that we have had more than our share of problems when it comes to the lineup and other shit. Hopefully we can release stuff more regularly now…

3. You call your music black/heavy metal, why did you wanted to mix both style?

    Tue: Well, It’s not something we really set out to do, it just happened. Secondly, many people into black metal forget it also has heavy metal roots – like Mercyful Fate which was indeed considered black metal back in the day. Thirdly… it’s more of a descriptive label I guess, I could just as happily call it black metal, but most people associates that with a somewhat different ‘sound’… oh well…

4. You’ve released two 7” until now, do you have an album in preparation or will you release another 7” before? And also do you prefer CD releases or good old vinyl?

    Henrik: “Well, different labels have shown interest in releasing different formats of the band, but we’re not really sure about anything yet. We are writing material and we would probably be able to record an album now. The problem is that we don’t have a drummer at the moment, and we need one to record the album. All serious drummers should contact us! We might put out a comp. album with both the Eps + unreleased bonus stuff. And the there has been some talk about a split with another band, but time will tell. Stay updated on the homepage! All in the band prefer vinyl, and we’re an underground band so of course we’ll release more 7’’Eps, but the next releases will probably be on tape and cd.”

5. What are your main influences? Are you crazy about old heavy/trash/death/black bands (like me!) or do you prefer nowadays scenes? What would be for you the main differences between those two eras in the metal history if there are any?

    Henrik: “Yes, we’re crazy about the older ways of metal. Nu-“metal” is pure crap, and has nothing to do with metal. There are still good bands around and there are still good releases, but every time a good album comes out, 50 crappy or standard albums are released as well. The problem is that nowadays every band sounds like something you’ve already heard. And song writing is a like foreign language to them. How many albums have you heard where every song sounds exactly the same? Also so many bands have a completely polished and clinical sound with isn’t very insane or extreme. We try to write good songs within our own style.”

    Tue: I’m not sure about what you mean with the ‘old scene’, that could be both the eighties & nineties scene you’re referring to (and I can’t really consider myself part of the former), but it seems that the ‘scene’ has become less & less interesting and unoriginal. Too much samey stuff done in a very set way. We are definitely against such conformity, and will always ignore any trends and do our own stuff in our own way!

6. Even if Denmark is right next door to Norway, Sweden, etc there are not so many black metal bands coming out of your country like for the above ones, how could you explain that?

    Henrik: “Well, there are actually more and more black metal bands coming out of Denmark now. Most of them stay underground which is cool, but many of them suck or at least they offer nothing unique or great. I think the reason why there are less black metal I Denmark is also that the country has this US - groove/rock death metal tradition, which has really plagued us with some silly releases. The Norway scene crap today also. Bands that used to be great suck today. I was at this Mayhem concert the other day, and it sucked so much that you will not believe it! From Norway only Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Taake and maybe a feqw others rule. Sweden has the best black metal scene today! Check out great bands like Funeral Mist, Nifelheim, Infernal, Pagan Rites, Marduk, Ondskapt and many more. They have bands with their own style and great evil songs. That’s fucking rare today.”

7. Is there a big underground scene in DK with many fanzines, small labels, etc or nobody cares about anybody?

    Henrik: “Well the underground scene is not big, but it’s getting better. There have been alot of bands for some time, but now we are starting to have other cool initiatives as well. Horror records have been here for a long time, but now we also have Ancient Darkness. I learned about Nox Infandus not that long ago, and there is a cool new distro called Epilog. Also we are doing interviews with new Danish zines that I had never heard about before. So things are moving. I could recommend stuff like Denial Of God, Strychnos, Victmizer and I will of course encourage anyone to check out Exekrator and Full Moon Lycanthropy.”

8. What do you want to do with your life?

    Henrik: “I want to play metal. But I study at the university, so that’s probably what I will be living off. I just want to be able to release my stuff on vinyl, cds and tapes.”

9. What are you doing with your life right now?

    Henrik: “I study the Science of Religion at the university of Copenhagen (No, this is not solely about Christianity, it’s NOT confessional, but a secular, scientific study of many different religions). I play in Exekrator and Full Moon Lycanthopy and of course I have a personal life.”

    Tue: Unlike Henrik I don’t have a life (haha), but I’m dedicated to ‘my’ bands, that’s what I’m doing right now (and what I’ll keep on doing)…

10. I’ve been in Copenhagen sometimes and enjoyed my stays quite a lot, do you have some special dark, creepy, perverted places to recommend to me or those who could visit your city?

    Henrik: “Yes, my apartment! No, we really don’t have any metal bars in DK, it sounds unbelievable to many visitors, but that’s the way Denmark is, it sucks! We have this idiotic pop/rock bar that some mistake for a metal bar, but somebody should really open the real thing. I visit many different bars, but they all suck.”

11. This is the end for this interview, any last words you want to spit?

    Henrik: “Yes, Thank you for the interview and support! The “Superstitionis Maleficiae” Ep will probably be sold out from us when you read this, but many distros have it. Otherwise you can hear free mp3s and check up on news on our homepage. There are is talk about some different releases and maybe also a cd version on “Superstitionis” or something. All serious drummers should contact us, as we really want to record our songs and play live.

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