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Interviews - 2004-06 Metalhordes


1. Can you give us a brief history/description of the band?

TUE: Exekrator was formed in 1993; the first two years I would call our “startup” period, searching for our own style and whatever. In 1997 we released our first demo, and our sound as you know it was beginning to take shape. In 2000 we made our first 7”, ‘The Beast is Come’ – and this year we released ‘Superstitionis Maleficiae’ on 7” vinyl also. Our lineup now is: Mads B. Grave – guitar, Henrik Engkjær – guitar & Tue Brisson – vocals.

And what we play? Black metal, with some heavy metal flavoring…

HENRIK: We call our style black metal or black/heavy metal. But this really doesn’t sound like anything else, so everyone should really just listen to the mp3 at our homepage:

2. I read that you guys were looking for a drummer. Any luck so far?

TUE: As you can guess from the above, no, unfortunately not. There aren’t a lot of qualified personnel interested in this kind of music in our area, apparently…

HENRIK: This is something that has really plagued us. Right now we would settle for a sesiondrummer for recordings, but of course a full member would be preferable. It’s really hard to find people with the right skills, time and dedication.

3. What do you think of today's metal scene? Any new releases you really like (or dislike)?

HENRIK: Well I think the mainstream metal is too modern and trendy. Just look at those new bands that Nuclear Blast are signing. Pure nu-“metal”, and I HATE nu-“metal”. I hate all kinds of nu/groove/rap etc. in metal! The underground scene has a better attitude towards metal, but most of those bands suck as well. I guess there are good releases still in both UG and mainstream metal, but more than 95% of the releases suck in both. I think there are more good UG bands than mainstream right now. Just check out the Swedish scene for example. They have all this crappy, trendy, modern mainstream, but a great UG scene. Just check out Funeral Mist, Pagan Rites, Ondskapt, Watain, Craft, The Shining, Triumphator etc. But ok they have some great well known bands as well like Marduk, Nifelheim and Infernal.

4. What's the metal scene like in Denmark?

HENRIK: Well it’s even worse than the international one. Denmark had some great bands like Mercyful Fate, King Diamond and Artillery. Which are amongst the best in metal history. But after that mostly US styled and childish “death”-metal and a lot of nu/groove shit as well. The underground scene has some strong acts though. Besides Exekrator and Full Moon Lycanthropy you should definitely check out Victimizer, Denial of God, Strychnos and give Blackhorned a listen as well. I think our time is coming in the Danish UG. More labels/distros and zines are coming out. We’re doing interviews with new Danish zines, that we had never even heard about. And more and more bands are getting deals with domestic labels, or like us get the attention of foreign labels. But still there needs to be more. More good bands and more fans.

5. Exekrator has had quite a few lineup changes (having formed over a decade ago). When did you join the band, and how did you get involved with Exekrator?

HENRIK: Well, I had waited about without doing a full time band, because it didn’t know in which part of Denmark I would be living in, since I didn’t know where I was going to be accepted by the university. I couldn’t make a serious commitment. But I was accepted at Copenhagen, nearby the place that I lived and I immediately started to search for a band. I found Exekrator and was hooked. The music was extremely dark and unique, so I joined of course. Actually apart from my other project (Full Moon Lycanthropy – horror black metal – Danish werewolf metal!), I don’t think there really is any other good band in Copenhagen, I would like to join. Simply too mainstream and safe metal. I think however there is something going on that will give Copenhagen another good band, but that too much in the starting fase to talk too much about. I joined the band in 2001 and I have been on the 2002 demo/7’’EP for View Beyond Records.

6. You guys have a pretty unique sound (especially vocally). Are there any bands in particular that have influenced your sound?

TUE: Not consciously, no. But of course you’re always influenced by the stuff you listen to, in one way or the other.

HENRIK: I think this is just the way it turned out. It’s not about trying to be original. It’s about BEING original. Originality is a BIG plus in a band, an if you have good songs that fucking kill, then you’ve got a great band.

7. It looks like the "Superstitionis Maleficiae" 7" is sold out. Any plans to have more made?

HENRIK: Well, "Superstitionis Maleficiae" 7" is sold out from us and the label I think, But maybe Pavel still has some for the distro side of View Beyond. But it’s available from a lot of cool distros around like Horror records, Soulseller, Aftermath, Hellion shop, Bestial Burst, Northern Heritage, Devils Arts, Ordealis, Rhapsodeath, Red Stream, PW productions etc. But I guess it’s only a matter of time before this release will be impossible to get. So get it now, if you want something that’s not “just another band”. Well this EP was limited to 333 copies, in handnumbered gatefold, and it has 4 songs (19 min.), so it’s more like a MLP.Due to is being limited I don’t think there will be more of this, but maybe Pavel will release some picture discssomeday? Otherwise we have gotten contact from a bunch of interested labels, and we might be putting some of the material on a split with Violator + some unreleased stuff.

8. Have you guys written any new material since "Superstitionis Maleficiae"?

HENRIK: Yes, we have written some new stuff, both finished and half-finished. If we could get the right drummer, we could record a full length, but let’s see. We have a bunch of recorded and unreleased stuff that we will put out until then.

9. How do you guys write songs? Is it a group process or more individual?

HENRIK: This is definitely a group process. Mads or I usually come with some riffs, and we spend a long time on each song to get it just right. A lot of material is thrown away, and the songs are rearranged many times.

10. Any final comments?

HENRIK: Thanks for the interview Annihilation. Hails to the guys on metalhordes. Listen to free mp3s and get info, interview, reviews, pics, links etc. at

You can also find an Exekrator forum on and it has info and news etc. Feel free to drop us a line there or by e-mail. Voice your opinion.

Hail the underground and fuck off to nu-“metal”.

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