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From Ragnarok Profanum Zine, March 2004.

Hail!Thats the questions to interview to Ragnarok Profanum(can all members answer?) lets start:

1.At the first let us know what was the reason to bring Exekrator to live,what made you to start the band and how it all begun?

    TUE: Hmm, why did we start… We very all very much into music & had a few ideas of our own and thought we could do something different with it – of course in the first incarnation of Exekrator we were all rather young, also we had to learn to play properly… The real question is why we (or I since I’m the only one left from that time) stuck to it! For my case there wasn’t really any choice in a way, this is what I do and I’ll keep doing it! So stopping the band or stopping with music was never an option, despite all the endless troubles we’ve had with the lineup and so forth.

    MADS: Well, as I didn’t start from the very beginning, with Tue and the other ones, I can’t tell you about that. But I started as some kind of "hang around" guy, helping the band with drinking beers, told them that music they played was cool and stuff. I started writing music (outside of Exekrator) with the guitarist at that time, Sören, so it was somehow natural that I joined the band when they needed a rhythm guitarist and some new inputs… or one more to pay for the rehearsal room (heh).

2.Did you have somethimg special in your minds while you choosing the name Exekrator for your band?

    TUE: Well, from day one we had a satanic/anti-christian image, that’s what I wrote about – I can’t remember how I came up with that exact word but it seemed fitting – execrate: to detest or curse. We put in the ‘k’ ‘cause it looks better and of course it’s just more metal, hehe.

3.Your opinion about ,,Superstitionis Maleficiae''?What is OK and what will you change if you record this stuff once again?

    HENRIK: Yes, the recording turned out good. It doesn’t have one of those nice, clinical productions, but you can easily hear what’s going on. Besides it has a lot of energy and darkness, which is very important to our music, since we play fast and hardhitting. We should have it available on vinyl 7’’EP one of these days. It includes 4 songs (19 min.) and the music is powerful, dark and very different from anything done by other bands.

    TUE: For what it is it turned out ok. It was done in only a few days, but it does have the power we wanted. Obviously if we had more time it would be less messy & more tight, but for power and expression it’s great as it is!

    MADS: What’s ok is: Superstitionis Maleficiae got a strong energy and nice songs, that’s what I think of when I hear SM and that’s what I think is the most important things for a record like this.

    For what’s somewhat unlucky for SM I won’t say, ‘cause then you’ll maybe get stuck into the "bad" things, but lets just say that after some of us has been in the studio several times, we will be able to have more control of the recording next time, and some of the problems solved themselves as people left the band.

4.All yours releases are on vinyl why,are you vinyl maniac?

    HENRIK: Well, the first demo (1997) was on tape, then came the ”The Beast is Come” 7’’EP, and in 2003 the new demo cd. Now this recording will be out on vinyl very soon. Yes, we are vinyl maniacs, and we would like every release to be out on vinyl, ‘cause this is our favorite. But we also like other formats and right now there is a bit talk about releasing some of our stuff on tape and cd on a polish label. It would be cool to have a copy of every release on both vinyl, tape and cd! All formats have their own sound and feeling.

    MADS: Yes, bigger cover, greater vinyl sound and so on...

5.Exekrator exist 11 years,what do you think about black metal scene 90' years and now?(on whole world)

    HENRIK: Well, about black metal, you can be pretty sure that all the bands that ruled in the beginning of the ’90’s have become quite safe, mainstream and boring today. I’m not really into most of the big bands anymore, the old releases ruled, but the new ones are quite empty. However bands like Darkthrone and Marduk still rule! In the underground there is also a lot of great grim black metal like Funeral Mist, Grand Belials Key, Sabbat, Ondskapt, Destroyer 666, Necrophagia etc.

    MADS: I think that in the beginning the first "new" BM bands (Emperor, Darkthrone, Satyricon...) didn’t have any rules, or people to spank their ass if the BM they made didn’t sound black metal enough. Today the scene is somehow stuck within what is right and what is wrong BM, and unfortunately most bands choose the "right" path.

6.What the term black metal means to you?

    MADS: Much...

    HENRIK: Black Metal is a genre of music that was created by the gods Venom. They set out to make the most extreme and evil band the world had seen by then (even though they might not have been completely serious), and the most evil and dark satanic metal bands in the old days were black metal. I consider Venom, Death SS, Mercyful Fate, Sodom, early Slayer, Hellhammer, Bathory, Mayhem etc. to be black even though today people think you have to sound like something out of Norway in the 90’ies to play black metal. Black metal is about darkness and evil and we are black metal in the way that Mercyful Fate was black metal!

7.Is a huge problem judeo-christianity in Denmark(?)and how did you fight with this fucking religion?

    HENRIK: Even though christianity is a weak, foreign religion that sucks big time, it’s not like we get alot of problems from them. We are NOT members of the church and pretty much leave us alone. However sometimes you can the stupid christian shows on TV or whatever and I wish that religion wasn’t even known up here. How do we fight christianity? By resigning from the public churh, promoting black metal and a few other things that I don’t really want to mention ha, ha.

    MADS: Let’s just say that christianity isn’t a BIG problem in Denmark. Christianity has been fading away since... well long time ago, and it is still fading, even the priests don’t believe in god any more. (heheh...)

8.Tell about Denmark black metal scene,I would like to know how is the relationship bewtween Exekrator and other bands in your country?

    HENRIK: Denmark doesn’t have the most active metal scene, and definitely not the most active underground scene. There are quite a lot of bands, most of them are pretty standard or maybe even plain crappy, but also some cool ones. Of course I haven’t heard everything anyway. I think the scene is getting a bit better, with a few more labels, distros and zines. From the Danish underground I would recommend Denial of God, Strychnos, Victimizer, Feikn, my other band Full Moon Lycanthropy, and of course Exekrator. We also have the legendary King Diamond/Mercyful Fate. I think these bands have their own sound, and that’s a plus. Exekrator doesn’t sound like anything thing else out there anyway. It’s for people who want something special.

9.Have you ever played any shows outside Denmark?

    HENRIK: No, we haven’t played many shows at all, due to line-up problems, and even now we need to get a steady drummer. There is really a lack of good fast drummers in DK. But of course it would be cool to come abroad and play! If possible we would make real black metal shows with blood, chains and leather.

10.Does literature means anything to you,do you read many books?

    HENRIK: Well personally I study the science of Religion (NO, it’s NOT Theology, and I am not going to be a priest! It’s a secular study of many different religions), so I read alot of books about this! When I have spare time to read, I usually read metal zines. But my favorite writers must be Nietzsche, Tolkien, Poe and Lovecraft. They all have something great, intelligent and dark to offer, although they all have quite different styles and topics.

11.What you thinking about:Alckohol,drugs,sex?(and how cost bitch in Denmark)(hehe)?

    HENRIK: Well, that rules of course! But metal is more important than being drunk. Everything in Denmark is expensive and so are the hookers! I think about 80 Euros! So better use your money on metal albums instead! I guess hookers as well as many other things are alot cheaper in Poland, right?

12.Now lets talk about your lyrical inspirations.Do you call yourselves as satanist?Do you think is only one or more ways Satanism?

    TUE: I have called myself a Satanist for many years now, and that was what I based the original image of the band on. My views still hold, but of course they have evolved over the years…

    The very nature of Satanism is individualistic, and as such there can never be one ‘true’ interpretation, nor is there meant to be, that’s a major point! About the lyrics – yes, I use a lot of Satanic imagery & symbolism, it has always held an attraction for me… In the beginning I wrote a lot of anti-christian stuff, that does not ‘turn me on’ much anymore – I’d rather be a bit more subtle these days.

    MADS: I’d rather be a satanist than a christian, you can’t be yourself as a christian, and if you do... Hehe, you have to confess all the time. So I’d rather be human than christian.

13.What you now about Poland and polish scene?

    HENRIK: Well, I think Poland has a very good metal scene with alot of fans and alot of underground right? Of course I know the big bands like Vader, Yattering, Behemoth, Decapitated. But there are of course also some smaller bands like Crionics, Evil Feast, Graveland, Lord Wind, Esquarial, Lost Soul and such. I know of Thrashing Madness and Devils Music radio and Agonia zine. We got contacted by Unholy Art, which seems very cool and maybe they’ll release some Exekrator stuff soon! Of course now we know of Ragnarok Profanum ’zine. And there are probably many more that I just can’t remember right now. Anyway we’re always curious to know more about the metal scene of different countries and I guess there’s a lot of stuff from Poland I don’t know about.

    Well, Poland is legendary for vodka, cheap hookers and tape-bootlegging! Today I guess you also do many bootlegs on cd?

14.What can we expect from Exekrator in time to come?

    HENRIK: Well, we will release our ”Superstitionis Maleficiae” 7” EP on View Beyond very soon. And after that, maybe a tape/cd on Unholy Art! This would be great, but nothing is sure yet. There has been talk about T-shirts as well, which would be cool as well. We have written 5 new songs and are still writing more material and in the future these will be recorded of course. You can expect more unique and dark black metal in the Exekrator style, but maybe more fast and brutal. But we will need to find a drummer for this. It would also be cool to do concerts, but this also depends on a drummer. Keep posted on our homepage below.

15.Thanks for time!Any closing words would like to say?

    HENRIK: Yes, thanks for the interview and your support! It’s been cool. If it’s possible we would love to see the zine when it comes out? Anyone interested in Exekrator should just contact us at the address or e-mail below. We’re looking for other zines and distributors that are interested in working with us, so if anyone should feel like it – just get in touch. Anyone interested in our music can hear free samples on our homepage or just get in touch. Our releases should hopefully be available from distros and labels around the world.

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