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Another fantastic metal release, starting of 2006 with, is hailing from our small kingdom of Denmark. We at metal-revolution have followed every step that this Copenhagen based metal band had taken since their very beginning (all the reviews and interview to be found on the pages of MR site). Ordo Bestiae is the newest and far the best release from this powerful black metal unit. Ordo Bestiae is the band's first official full-length cd including the material from the band's previous two limited 7´´ep's as well as some previously unreleased songs. Two new tracks on this cd are to be found besides the hidden bonus track “Darkness Remains” taken from the band's 2005 promo. The music that Exekrator are playing is known for almost every metal fan in Denmark: it is dark, blackened metal with great guitar work, extreme and aggressive vocal arrangements, interesting lyrics and very technical playing. It is hard to compare this particular release to any other, but Exekrator' approach to the music and sound reminds me a lot of Darkthrone, Mercyful Fate & King Diamond without being a rip-off in any way. The best part in their music are definitely the guitar parts with fantastic riffing mixing everything from heavy and thrash to doom and of course black metal. Another funny thing about this release is that it end right after 66.6 minutes – I call that a perfect timing! All in all I must sum up pointing once again Exekrator as one of the strongest bands on Danish metal scene delivering something special and unique. The only reason why this mark is not at the top is the cover art, I think it is poor, unclear and very cliché. For more info on this or any other Exekrator releases please contact Tue Brisson at or simply visit band's website at:

Ordo Bestiae
(Bestial Burst)

After 13 years in the underground, Exekrator are finally ready with their first official cd. This is mostly a compilation of earlier material, since the cd includes the two 7''ep's - "The Beast Is Come" (2000) and "Superstitionis Maleficiae" (2004). Still there are two new songs included as well as the hidden bonus-track "Darkness Remains" from their 2005 promo.

The three seperate recordings don't distrurb the overall picture, rather the contrary. The album does seem integrated and clearly prooves the bands potential for songwriting as well as playing skills. With this in mind it's about time the band gets a bigger oppotunity to reach the masses.

As for the musical style, the band has got something quite unique going on. They are positioned somewhere in between classic 80's metal such as Mercyful Fate and old school black metal in the vein of Darkthrone. This has been done before without great succes. But what makes Exekrator so special is that they also draw on a long list of other influences. This is evident in the guitar playing where the riffs vary from heavy, over doom and thrash, to black metal.

Exekrator is obviously a band, that seperate themselves from the masses, which must also be said for vocalist Tue Brisson. Instead of keeping to the normal black metal rasping he finds room for growls and especially an almost otherworldly highpitch, that would make even King Diamond proud. This is without a doubt a very special singer, who might scare some people away, but for these ears it's pure joy that you have to grind your teeth when the highest notes are in use.

These is a great deal of variation on the record without the band ever loosing their focus or identity.From the supreme opener "Jætteblod" till the the bonus track "Darkness Remains" ends after 66,6 (!) minutes, the band delivers dark and sinister metal that is extremely innovative and brutal yet melodic and classic in its approach.

Even if this is an undergroud release I would have liked a better production, but this is certainly not something that changes my impression of "Ordo Bestiae" - it is a great release and a fresh breath to the otherwise predictable extreme part of the metal scene.

NRG #28:

(Bestial Burst)
Danish Exekrator have finally got a contract that offers the world an official album in the shape of "Ordo Bestiae". "Ordo Bestiae " is compiled of the 7''ep's "Superstitionis Maleficiae" and "The Beast Is Come" and besides that includes 2 previously unreleased tracks. The band that in my humble view is Denmarks best/only original band, has simply found the perfect recipe for unique music, which thorugh it's retro-angle results in a great musical miracle - not least on the faceless danish mainstreamscene. I've never heard anything like this before! The bands primary starting point is black metal in it's original form. That means inspiration - and not cloning - from bands such as  Mercyful Fate and Venom. Besides that they've added elements of the dark 90's sounds as well as traditional thrash and heavy metal. With these as inspirational sources, the band adds their own trademarks and especially the vocals steal your attention; these are in the falsetto--style if they don't turn into darker screams. Some songs also have lyrics in danish. The melodic parts of the music are sometimes supported by high levels of speed and all the riffs are catchy to the bone, which shows the competence of the musicians. Exekrators music is dark and very consious, and the band deserves all the attention they don't get!


Anders Bo Ramussen

Exekrator - Ordo Bestiae
Release: 2005
Label: Bestial Burst
By: Anders
Exekrator-Ordo Bestiae
Posted: Feb 2, 2006
The Danish powerhouse Exekrator is now ready with their first full length release, which by the way also marks their first official CD release. The album is compiled of the band's 2 7" releases "The Beast Is Come" that was released in 1999 and "Superstitionis Maleficiae" from 2004, together with 2 never before released tracks recorded in 1999, 2 gems entitled 'Black' and 'Til En Gud'.

Blackened heavy metal is what the band delivers, the basics is in good and classic heavy metal, with the coldness and melodic mayhem from black metal. The riffs and melodies are great, mostly catchy, even though there at times are some cold and twisted pieces as well, always interesting and shifting. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious and very enchanting. The times the bass shines through the wall of guitars it's good and delivers some nice rumbling. The drumming is great as well, and fits perfectly into the dark universe of Exekrator. The vocals are one of the true highlights, again accompanying the music very good, the vocals on top of the great guitar work makes it all go into a higher wholesome. The high falsetto-like scream rips through bones and marrow and leaves goosebumps on ones back. Good and varied from a lower and dark scream, to the high and eerie and twisted scream, when best just as good as King Diamond, and the whole time just as atmospheric, awe-inducing and effective.

It's good to finally see some Exekrator material on CD, I guess this will open some doors for the band and get the music spread wider. The tracks on here are timeless and all as fresh as when they first were released. All from heavy metal fans to black metal fans can join this wagon, great heavy metal with a very dark twist. Though a review without bile would not be in its place, it is of course cool to have 66 tracks and to have a CD run for 66.06 minutes or is it? When there only are 8 tracks on the album. I find such features annoying as hell and the silence or the insanely skipping of the tracks, to get to the last one, is totally ruining the atmosphere of a listening session, especially when we are talking about music as this, which demands great attention to work on its fullest. It is extremely great that the band has thrown in their yet, best track 'Darkness Remains' from their "promo 2005" disc in as a bonus track, but why hide it behind empty tracks and time…? Well, now when that is out in the clear, you should go check out the band, you might end up possessed as well!

Rating: 8/10

Exekrator - Ordo Bestiae

Exekrator is hailing from Denmark and is releasing this album in 2005. But actually the songs have been recorded in 1999 and 2002. But when you listen to it you don't know. Exekrator is playing heavy metal with a powerful and a darkside. The vocals are the one that jumps in the front with his remarkable voice (sometimes remind me of Attacker). Tempo is from mid to fast tempo and another plus point is that all is played with some catchy hook. This album is a swing energy barrel and it is up to you to open it!!

Exekrator - Ordo Bestiae
Reviewed by AJ Blisten in 2006

EXEKRATOR is a Danish olds school underground thrashy black metal band, definitely something special, if you ask me. This band has been spreading their Danish musical downright devilry since 1993 and the songs on "Ordo Bestiae" is a sort of compilation of a nightmarish musical material taken from the EP's "The Beast Is Come" from 2000 and "Superstitionis Maelficiae" from 2002 in addition to three previously unreleased tracks.

The first thing you'll become aware of on this album is the insane vocals expressed in these songs. Very wild, very energetic and totally high-pitched crazy except in some parts in which the singer manages to calm it all down a bit to sing clean showing what he's actually capable of doing that in a convincing way.

The music is for the most part pretty raw, thrash metal oriented and a bit chaotic, yet melodic and some of it reminds me of Sabbat and some parts also pay a visit to Venom.
Catchy in its own weird way wrapped up in a production showing that EXERKRATOR is true to the underground.

I didn't like this album much to begin with, but it has this something that makes me spin it again and again. And now I like it more and more.
"Ordo Bestia" is a raw primal produced and not to forget an atmospheric album and definitely different than most of the blackened thrash metal albums out there these days.
If you're looking for some anti-sophisticated old school underground black-thrash metal you don't need to look elsewhere. I think EXEKRATOR will be able to fulfill your wet dreams…

Rating: 7/10

EXEKRATOR - Ordo Bestiae
Released: 2005 | Label: Bestial Burst | Rating: 4/6 | Reviewer: PSL | Distribution: Bestial Burst

The debut album Ordo Bestiae is not a debut in the common sense of the word as it's compiled of material from their two 7' EPs The Beast is Come and Superstitionis Maleficiae as well as a few unreleased songs. I'm already familiar with most of the material on Ordo Bestiae, but this doesn't make it less interesting. The older songs like "The Beast is Come" and "Mørkesang" doesn't do a whole lot to me due to Tue's vocals which get a bit too silly once in a while, but besides this minor detail the material on Ordo Bestiae is fairly good. The songs are skilfully written and quite moody.

Of course there's really nothing new found here if you already have the two EP's. However both "Black" and "Til en Gud" are previously unreleased. I tend to like the four songs from the Superstitionis Maleficiae EP the best as they seem the most diverse and worked through. You can't accuse Exekrator of sounding like anything else whether you like their music or not. I find their hybrid of black metal and heavy metal quite interesting and Tue Brisson's rather unusual vocals doesn't make it less unique. If you're looking for some slightly different then Ordo Bestiae is not the worst place to look as the album certainly doesn't fall in under the any of the ordinary genres.   

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