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Interviews - 2005-07


Please introduce Exekrator to our readers with name, age and what you do for a living?

Henrik: “Hey Lars, I’ll try as good as possible although we don’t discuss such matters too much within the band. Tue Brisson is the vocalist and lyricist, I think he’s 28 and he’s a obscure guy. He’s the founding member. Mads Grave has been in the band for quite a lot of years too, he plays guitar and I think he’s 26. I joined four years ago on guitar and I’m 25.”  

Exekrator has it owns unique style, could you please tells us about it?

Henrik: “This style was developed before I joined the band. And I would not have joined if they sounded like normal boring standard-metal. I think the most unique aspect is Tue’s vocals – and I guess it’s just his vision. Not something I can explain further. The music is guess comes naturally from having a love of many different kinds of metal. It all blends in together as a form of black/heavy metal.”


What are your releases so far? And future releases?

Henrik: “The releases are: Demo tape ’97, “The Beast is Come” 7’’ep (1999 – only item still available), “Superstitionis Maleficiae” demo (2003) and 7’’ep (View Beyond, 2004), promo 2005 cdr (not for sale or official – only to try and get a drummer – contact us). Upcoming are: “Ordo Bestiae” – a comp. album Of both our ep’s and some unreleased bonus tracks (cd on Bestial Burst, tape on Misanthropic Propaganda). There’s supposed to be a split cd with Malaysian Violator on Rhapsodeath, but it’s been so long since I’ve heard anything about it. It was supposed to include “Superstitionis…” ep and some other unreleased tracks.”

How did the members of Exekrator meet each other, and how did it all start?

Henrik: “Well, it started back in ’93, when Tue and some others started a black metal band. I think they needed to learn how to play properly for the first couple of years. Also it has taken a couple of years to develop the style of the band.”

What other bands do the members of Exekrator plays in?

Henrik: “Mads and Tue play in a an atmospheric band called Nightshade. And I play in Victimizer (oldschool violent speed thrash) and Full Moon Lycanthropy (horror/black metal). I think there should be links to different homepages on And you should be able to hear samples of the music on the respective pages (except for the Victimizer-case).”

Which bands are your main influence and why?

Henrik: “Hmm, I think I get inspired by everything I like and even stuff I don’t like. My inspirations probably also vary from band to band. Exekrator has always been compared to many extremely different bands. Cause you can’t really categorize it. The most often comparisons are probably King Diamond, Sabbat and old Emperor though.”

Tell us what your lyrics is about?

Henrik: “Tue writes the lyrics, and as you can read in for example the new promo, a lot of them are about hell, death and suffering. That, and pain, the devil, evil, murder, the afterlife, the demonic, hatred. Black metal topics.”

Do you often play live?

Henrik: “Fuck, no! We haven’t played live once since I joined! Right after the “Superstitionis…”-recording we were going to do some shows, but right then our drummer left. But if we can get a new steady drummer, we would like to do some shows. I value recordings higher than live-performance though and I’ve recently done some gigs with Victimizer which was really cool. And my first gigs in 6 years!”

I will give you 10 names of different people, please tell us what you’re thinking of:

Nikki Sixx? “He he, funny you should ask. I’ve just finished reading “The Dirt” and fuck it’s great! Thowing bottles of Jack Daniels into innocent peoples faces? Ha ha ha!!!!! Sixx is killer! Actually I like Crues music as well, and in fact I’m listening to it right now.”

J. Killhailer? “Why do ask me about this drunken fucker? Bandmate and great friend. Fucked up and crazy. Plus he has a funny accent! Victimizer claims the throne.”

Chris Holmes? “Great guitarist and maniac. I love W.A.S.P. and both Exekrator and Victimizer will be contributing on the upcoming WASP-tribute on Valhalla Records. Have you heard about this release, by chance?”

Lita Ford? “Ask her if Nikki Sixx is killer! Or better yet, ask her little punkrock-friend.”

Ronnie Atkins? “Some Pretty Maids is ok, but I don’t really know if I have any special relationship to Ronnie. You gotta respect him for playing heavy rock for so many years, but I guess he makes some dough too.”

Dee Snider? “Great! Twisted Sister rules. The other year at Wacken they blew away every other band even though they are 20 years older than all those others.”

Ozzy Osbourne? “Hmm, I love his old albums and of course his work with Black Sabbath, but after this MTV idiocy, I’ve really lost all respect for that clown and his ridiculous family.”

King Diamond? “The king! One of my all time favourite musicians. One of our biggest inspirations. Especially in Exekrator. One of the only maestros from the birth of satanic/evil/black metal, that has never changed his style or wimped out.”

George W. Bush? “That’s harder. I don’t really know what to say and I’m not really into discussion politics in a band interview.”

Don of the Dead? “Another great guy. Dedicated for ages and Nunslaughter is great music. I’m proud to have done the Nunslaughter/Victimizer split rehearsal with them. Waiting for the vinyl version.”


What do you think of the underground metal scene in Denmark? Any special bands you think we should look out for in the coming years?

Henrik: “Arh, so much shit. So much crap being released and signed. Waste of vinyl. So much shit reaping great praise. I don’t think there really any new stuff to look out for. It’s the same old: Denial Of God, Blackhorned, Strychnos, Church Bizarre and of course I must recommend the bands I play in myself.”


And outside Denmark?

Henrik: “If we’re still talking about the underground scene then of course there is a lot of great stuff around the world (and of course a hundred crappy bands for every good one). I love such classics as Nunslaughter, Grand Belials Key, Arghoslent, Sabbat, Death SS, Toxic Holocaust, Funeral Mist, Watain, Destroyer 666 and many more. But no matter where you look, good bands will be few and far between.”

Are you a collector? I’m thinking on band item’s, vinyl, posters, dolls or beer bottles?

Henrik: “Yes, I do collect music, although I’m not a rich man. Mostly I like vinyl, but I love getting new tapes and cd’s as well – I guess I have about 1000 items altogether. However I do not collect dolls, beer bottles or whatever. It’s the music, lyrics, art etc. I’m into. I don’t really need heavy metal action figures and such. I guess it’s amusing enough or something, but like I told you, I’m not a rich man.”


The last words are yours, Thanx for you time.

Henrik: “Thank you for the interview. It was actually entertaining to answer, so I hope it won’t be too boring to read. I need to say that we are looking for drummers, so they should get in touch. You can stay updated  and find all you need on the homepage:”

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