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Interviews - 2004-02 Metal Revolution

From Metal Revolution (#1 2004?):

Interview for Exekrator band (answers by Henrik):

1. Hail Henrik; Exekrator has existed as a band since 1993?! Tell us something from the time of a birth of this mighty Danish band. How hard was the beginning?

    Well, actually I didn't join the band till 2001, but yes the guys started in '93 when they were quite young. We don't play any songs from the first two years, and none of those have been released either. The first demo from '97 contained songs from '95 and later. Then came the "The Beast is Come" 7''EP in '99. In 2002 we recorded our newest demo, and now we have the 7''EP coming out.

2. Thanx, I know that the line-up has changed many times during the last years, how frustrating is that? What's your current line-up?

    That's more than just fucking frustrating! It's so damn hard to find people with the right skills, dedication, mentality and time! Right now we are Tue Brisson - vocals, Mads Grave and Henrik Engkjr - Strings. We're really looking for a drummer - so if the right person is reading this - join the kult! Yes, there has been many line-up changes, many incompetent people and many fools, but if we can just get the right drummer for our future recordings and concerts then we'll be content. Right now we're writing new songs and they are the fastest, darkest and most brutal metal we've done yet, but still keeping our own style.

3. Right now, I'm listening to your latest release "Superstitions Maleficiae". Can you shortly introduce this release to our readers and maybe tell us the exact meaning of this title?

    Yes, "Superstitionis Maleficiae" will be released as a 7''EP on the czech underground label View Beyond Records (they have released things like Denial of God, Sabbat (Jap.), Gorgon, Aeternus etc.). It's being printed right now and we hope to have it out within a month. Besides various distributers, this should be available from the label as we'll as from us directly, just check out the homepage for all info. The EP contains 4 studio songs (the playingtime of 19 min. is actually more like a mini album), and it should come in gatefold cover and be limited to 333 handnumbered copies! Furthermore we will try to get it as cheap as possible, so that we can offer a very good deal to both distributers and individuals. It was recorded over a couple of days in a small studio we got access to, and it displays all of Exekrators trademarks: Darkness, originality, speed and cacthiness. The title is taken from a Sueton quote that goes "The Christians, people infested with a new and harmful superstition ("Superstitionis novae ac maleficiae") were struck by severe punishment", later such a term would be used about people like us. The double meaning was what made us use it.

4. What do you think of the UG press, critics and fans in Denmark? Do you feel that you're getting the recognition and respect that you deserve or?

    Well, this is the first interview we've done with a danish zine, so lets put it that way! Anyway we appreciate your support of the underground and originality instead of the same trendy crap all the time. Actually I think we've done better abroad, and I don't think most of our vinyl will be sold in Denmark, but of course time will tell. We're a love it or hate it band so there has been both good and bad replys, and of course some people can't make up their mind. But we have got recognition from people who have been in metal for many years and have our respect, so that is quite pleasing. I think people in Denmark should try out other sorts of music besides the most trendy and normal stuff, cause that's fucking boring.

5. Ok, what do you then think of Danish metal scene in general nowadays? What bands do you respect most and listen to?

    Well, I'll have to say that it's too trendy. Most press, labels and fans focus only on technique and production, and it all gets so polished, safe and boring. Exekrator is the absolute opposite, we're not technical and we don't have a clinical sound or a fixed and accepted genre. We focus on darkness, originality and good songwriting, cause that's what a good band is to us. Those other things can be secondary at best. I do not like most danish bands, as they're just copies other bigger international names, but I LOVE Mercyful Fate, King Diamond and Artillery! In the underground you'll find bands like Denial of God, Victimizer & Strychnos, which I find to be very good. Also I appreciate underground initiatives like Horror Records, Tornado Magazine, Epilog Distribution and Ancient Darkness Productions, it's cool that a few people bother to do something.

6. Now, tell us something about your other band project Full Moon Lycanthropy. It's still black metal, but in a way very different to Exekrator. Do you agree?

    Yes, those two bands are very different, but if they were not, then there wouldn't be a reason to have two bands! We'll FML started out in '96, but just like Exekrator, it has gone through endless line-up troubles. Too exhausting to discuss really. Later we found out that we had to be just the core of the band or it wouldn't work. That means we're: Jens Hansen - Keys, Lars Jessen - Vox and myself on strings. We have just recorded a new demo called "Eleven Horrors" and it's available for purchase or free download samples at: The style is a kind of melodic but twisted and dark black metal. I think this band is quite original too, so check it out and let us know your opinion.

7. Ok, now back to Exekrator. What are your future plans? How far would you like to go with this band?

    This band is here to stay! First we'll get out the 7''EP on View Beyond Records, and continue to write new material. Meanwhile we're looking for a drummer interested in playing serious underground metal. We will also be on a few compilations coming out soon. We hope to get attention from a new label when the EP comes out, and we hope to be able to record our full length for some label after that. If not that, then we're also interested in compilations, splits and Eps, so anyone interested should just get in touch.

8. When can we expect a new album, and is there any chance to see you live in Aalborg area any time soon?

    Well, a full-length album would depend on a label and drummer. We hope to be able to release something on other labels after View Beyond, and an album would be cool, but time will tell. But we have some new tracks, and some unreleased old stuff, so something will happen for sure. We'll keep you posted. About an Aalborg concert, that would be cool, but this also depends on a drummer, so I can't say anything at this time. But it would certainly be cool to play some concerts around the country.

9. Do you read metal 'zines from our country and which are your favourites?

    Yes, I do just to stay informed. I write for NRG magazine, so I read that of course. I used to read Metalized, but it doesn't seem like, they are doing anything anymore. I also read Mighty Magazine and Tornado. My fave is Tornado as it is funny and informative. It has a metal expertise that's quite rare in DK, but unfortunately, it comes out very rarely. I also read some foreign ones, quite different stuff, so that I can be broadly orientated.

10. Thank you for this interview. Cast your spell upon us

    Yes, thanks for the interview. It's been cool and I'm really looking forward to seeing the interview in print as well as the 'zine. So the very best of luck to you and your work. Cool to see some initiative. By the way, when you chose your name, where you inspired by the brilliant Metalucifer song "Heavy Metal Revolution"? Anyone interested (drummers let say) should contact us at the address below. The homepage has all info, news and mp3's.

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