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Interviews - 2003-08 Metaldomination

From August 2003.

MD: First of all, tell me a short debrief of the history of "Exektrator"?

    Exekrator emerged from the crypt ten years ago in 1993. Since then the line-up has changed a couple of times because people can’t handle the darker side of things… We have 3 releases so far: Rehearsal Demo ’97, The Beast Is Come 7”EP (1999/2000) & Superstitionis Maleficiae demo CD (2002/2003). The current line-up is: Tue Brisson/vocals, Mads B. Grave/guitars & Henrik Engkj?r/guitars. Currently no drummer, but we are searching and writing new songs. We are here to stay!

MD: Give me some details for your latest demo.

    We recorded the demo in two days at the music-conservatory here in Denmark. We did all recording & mixing ourselves – it may be a bit rough due to time & technical limits, but it sure has the power we wanted it to have! The complete package was ready a few months ago so we’ve been hitting labels, zines & distros with it – those who missed out should get in touch for something out of the ordinary!

MD: Is there any feedback from the audience about this cd untill now ?

    Well, the reviews are just starting to come in since we just recently sent it out. We are probably a love-it-or-hate-it band because the vocals are pretty far from so-called “normal” black-metal vocals (if you want normal you shouldn’t listen to black metal!), but we have gotten couple of good reviews (and a few bad), more importantly is has been well received by several people in the “scene” whose opinion we hold in high regard.

MD: Which is the procedure when you write the songs?

    We put a lot of work in our songs and usually change the parts and structure many times in order to get the power we want… We don’t care if it takes long; we have to be happy with the result!

MD: Where are your lyrics referring to?

    TUE: The lyrics are really about getting an emotional reaction out of myself – they have to get under my skin and elevate me to a sense of power (or despair!). That’s why I got into black metal in the first place – its dark majesty!

    More specifically I use a lot of satanic and pagan imagery, because that’s what works for me and this IS black metal of course!

MD: Have you already play any gig?

    The band hasn’t played any gigs with the current line-up. We were going to play a few right after we did the demo, but the drummer was to weak so he left! All drummers in the vicinity of Copenhagen should contact us if they think they can handle the job – we have already gotten some offers for gigs and would like to go on the road with blood, chains, leather, beer & metal!

    We are going to have a brutal stage performance so everyone beware!

MD: Your influences from the metal scene?

    TUE: The thing that has inspired me more than any single person or band could is the basic EXPRESSION of the music (the feeling it portrays/conveys if you will). In black metal that’s where I seem to find this expression most concentrated – dark, powerful & sometimes despairing at the same time. It’s not limited to black metal though – I can listen to e.g. Danzig and get the same evil mood!

    So this expression is what we try to put in our music – rather than a musical style if you know what I mean.

MD: Tell me some words about the cd cover?

    The cover shows the Medusa (actually about to be decapitated, but you can’t see that). The title refers to a quote from around 54-65 A.D. about Christianity – how back then some people considered it “Evil Superstition”, now of course that term would be used (by those same people!) about (so-called) Satanism or paganism. We thought the image tied in nicely with the idea behind the title.

    For the interested the quote is: “The Christians, people infested with a new and harmful superstition (“superstitionis novae ac maleficiae”) were struck by severe punishment.” Sueton, NERO XVI 2.

MD: Tell me you favorite album and your favorite band?

    MADS: Currently Satyricon - Rebel Extravaganza & the first four Ulver records.

    TUE: I guess my favorite bands are (old) Mercyful Fate and Danzig… and various black metal.

    HENRIK: It’s impossible to mention one! But I will mention some fave bands: Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Death SS, Emperor, Satyricon, Mayhem, Marduk, Absu, Sabbat (Jap), Destroyer 666, Bathory, Venom, Artillery, (old) Metallica, Judas Priest, Darkthrone, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Manowar, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Nunslaughter, Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, Dodheimsgard, Funeral Mist, Nifelheim, Saxon, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Arcturus, Grand Belials Key, Dissection, Metalucifer, Thorns, Blood Thirsty Demons…..

MD: Where are you from?

    We all hail from Copenhagen, Denmark... Before Exekrator Henrik was (and is) in Full Moon Lycanthropy – Mads was in Blazing Eternity a long time ago. Tue & Mads was in a death-metal band Concentus around ’96-’99 – now they’re also in another (non-metal) band called Nightshade. (There should be links/more info at

MD: Tell me your opinion about the metal scene in your country?

    The Kings of Danish Metal are: Mercyful Fate/King Diamond & Artillery! There are other good bands, but it’s always the commercial wimpy shit that gets the attention… For a few cool underground bands check out Denial of God, Victimizer, Strychnos & of course Exekrator!

MD: What are your plans in the future for the band?

    We are writing new songs and have contact with a few labels… We are hoping for a release next year – on a label or by ourselves. Of course we need a drummer, so again: able drummers in our area should contact us. But we plan to continue – the Beast is here to stay!

MD: Is metal a way of life for you ?

    HENRIK: Yes! Loud metal, leather, beer & fast women!

    TUE: Yes definitely considering how dedicated I am to this band and music in general… This IS our life…

MD: How you describe your music?

    Black/heavy metal with insane, original vocals – or just plain black metal! Have a listen for free at – we are sure you have never heard another band that sounds like this!

MD: If your music was an emotion, what would be?

    We bring you the force of evil and the power of darkness!

MD: If you had the chance to travel back in time, which period would you like to visit and why?

    HENRIK: Travel back to the birth of Black Sabbath and experience the whole metal history over again!

MD: Thanks for your interview and have i forgotten to ask you anything and you'd like to mension?

    Yeah, thanks for the interview brother, hope you all enjoy the cd. Keep up the good work and stay metal!

    Go to and get some shit, and get the demo (5 euros (Europe)/$­­7 (world)) from us here:

    c/o Tue Brisson
    Hjortoegade 10, 4. tv
    DK-2100 Copenhagen OE

Exekrator was Interviewed by Antwnis Maglaras

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