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Reviews - The Beast Is Come

Nordic Vision #17



    "The Beast is come" 7"

    Danish Execrator have with this 7" released quite a horrible piece of vinyl. This is basically some sort of Thrash/Death Metal with dreadful vocals. If this vocalist doesn't get a grip soon or they kick him out of the band, this band has got a bright future! (CSJ)


Tornado Magazine #3



    It's always nice to listen to a lot of different music while writing reviews, but sometimes it can be a pain in the ass too. For example when you don't really know what to think of some music, 'cause it's pretty far out. The cover and the lyrics make me think of Black Metal, but the music is more like soft Death Metal (???), Heavy Metal and groovy Thrash Metal (I hate the term "groovy", but it's true and in this case it sounds cool). The vocals are the worst thing to write about, as I don't know whether to love them or hate them. They sound like a cross between the Japanese maniacs Sabbat and Living Death or so, but the problem is they sound far to uncontrolled for me. But they are without doubt very original vocals. If they worked more on them, Exekrator could perhaps turn out pretty interesting. Right now it almost sounds a little funny at times and I can't believe that's the purpose. Why don't you just buy this EP and try to make up your own opinion about them? It's only rare these days that there are new releases coming out of the Danish underground.


Bylec-Tum #7, 2000


    EXEKRATOR is a Danish Occult Speed metal band. The first 7"Ep is out now: two tracks ("The Beast is come", "Morkesang") of fast, catchy and refreshing pure metal music with an incredible voice a la Bruce Dickinson/Iron Maiden! The vinyl comes with a coloured cover and excellent recording.


Mandragora #29


    EXEKRATOR The Beast is Come 7-inch EP

    Exekrator from Denmark violently declare in their bio that they have NOTHING to do with black metal. Well, if they hadn't written that all over the bio, I wouldn't have mistaken them for it. Their music is more heavy/thrash metal, which is musically decent, but I didn't really care for the Overkill style vocals. The singer Tue actually does a cool vocal line in "The Beast Has Come" when he does this kind of death metal voice that fits melodically with the music. I guess I'll say this is okay; let's wait for a full-length for a final judgement. (Thorgrim)

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