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Interviews - 2004-05 Abhorrent Zine

Interview with Exekrator

For Abhorrent Zine

Questions asked by Anders Jørgensen

1: Hello Henrik as Exekrator is a completely new experience for me please tell us the story of the band, I know the band has existed since 1993…

Henrik: “Yeah well I haven’t been in the band since the beginning, but I don’t think there’s too much to tell. Yes Exekrator started in 93 when the members were quite young and inexperienced, so it took some years before the first release. In 97 came the first demo tape, and it already showed a band developing a unique sound. In 99 came the “The Beast is come” 7’’EP, which unfortunately was not promoted too well. And in 2002 we recorded the “Superstitionis Maleficiae” demo, which has now been released as a 7’’EP on View Beyond Records. The band has suffered from more than it’s share of line-up problems and still does.”

2: At this point you are three members in the band and you don`t have a drummer, how does the line-up situation look and are you planning to include a drummer in order to play live shows?

Henrik: “ Yes, we are looking for a serious fucking metal drummer! I order to play live and to release our future recordings. If we can’t get a steady drummer for live appearances, then a session drummer for recordings would be great. We are in touch with different interested underground labels, but we need a drummer to record are real debut album. So any fast and serious metal drummer should get in touch NOW!”

3: You have recently released a new demo-CD entitled “Superstitionis Maleficiae” and this demo has now landed you a deal for a 7” EP on View Beyond Records. How did this deal come about? Are there any plans to release some full length material?

Henrik: “Well we sent some promos out, and Pavel from View Beyond loved it, and we agreed on releasing it as a 7’’EP. The EP includes all four tracks (19 min.) and is more like a MLP in playing time. It comes in a great looking gatefold cover and is limited to 333 handnumbered copies! The EP is almost sold out from us in a couple of weeks, but is available from a lot of different distros like Horror Records, Ancient Darkness, Epliog, Hellion, Aftermath, Soulseller, Bestial Burst and many more cool underground places. We have been contacted from other interested underground labels and we will release some of our recordings in other formats. Polish Unholy Art will probably release T-shirts and a compilation album featuring both Eps and some unreleased bonus. There has been talk about a split with Violator, and some were interested in some future material, but we are always pessimistic and we’ll only know for sure when we have the releases in our hands! Maybe there will also be a picture disc version of the “Superstitionis Maleficiae” ep. Stay updated on”

4: How would you describe Exekrator`s music? I think you have managed to make a somewhat original mix between old school thrash and black metal, especially the vocals are very weird how did your vocalist Tue Brisson develop such crazy vocals?

Henrik: “Well we call our music black/heavy metal for a description or just black metal! We don’t think every black metal band should sound alike. Think about the beginning of the genre. Did Venom, Hellhammer, Sodom, Bathory, Death SS and Mercyful Fate sound alike? Not at fucking all! We play unique black metal the way it should be. Yes, our sound is old school, because modern trendy shit sucks cock! I’m not exactly sure how Tue developed those fucking vocals and I don’t think he really knows himself, I think it was just the way he felt, or some kind of vision or something. The only thing I know is that they add unique darkness and fucking hell-power to the music. They can’t really be described so you should check them out yourself, and if you don’t have any money, there are mp3s on the homepage. I guess our sound is also diverse because we listen to so much different metal, and there are good riffs within every style. But I don’t think our sound is confused. You can ALWAYS hear that it’s Exekrator.”

5: I seems you are very much into the underground scene in Europe. What do you think of the whole underground scene and what is the best and worst going on in the scene the days?

Henrik: “Yeah, I’m into the underground scene, but not only the one in Europe. There’s cool music all over the world, and I don’t want to miss out on Sabbat, Metalucifer, Impiety, Destroyer 666 (ok, they relocated to Europe), Grand Belials Key, Nunslaughter, Arghoslent etc. But maybe most of my favorite bands are in Europe. I think the worst thing in the underground scene is that so many bands sound exactly alike, and you don’t know which is which. Also many bands have a problem writing songs. You can’t remember shit even though you’ve heard the music several times – it’s just too boring. But these are problems for the mainstream as well. Everyone sounds the same, and you’ll never remember a song. and in addition to this the bands are fucking commercial shit, following the leader. The point of the underground for me is to find more real, untrendy metal with an identity of it’s own.”

6: The Danish scene seem to have really awakened. New bands and labels comes to surface all the time. What do you think about the Danish scene and what bands/labels/zines would you recommend to the readers of Abhorrent Zine?

Henrik: “Yes, I think you’re right. The scene is waking up. Horror Records and Tornado magazine have been here along time, and certainly recommend their releases, even if Ustumallagam releases Tornado Mag way to rarely. I really appreciate new initiatives like Ancient Darkness prod. And Epilog distribution as well. There are new zines that I haven’t really got to read yet like Metal Revolution and Abhorrent. But I’m looking forward to checking them out. The bands I could recommend are Denial of God, Victimizer and Strychnos, and of course my own bands Exekrator and Full Moon Lycanthropy. These bands are all dong their own stuff well. They have a sound of their own, and good songs that matter. Epilog are putting out compilations featuring UG acts, and Exekrator and Full Moon Lycanthropy will both be on the next. But I would like to see a zine come out that is dedicated to featuring Danish UG acts. To inform about the growing scene. I would do it myself, but I have my hands full.”

7: Thanks you a lot for this interview and good luck with Exekrator! The last words are yours…

Henrik: “Well thanks to you too, and I hope all goes well with your second issue. Fuck trendiness and “nu”-metal. Anyone can check out the music and get info on our homepage. Anyone who feels for it can also get in contact. Drummer wanted! Get in touch. Hail the underground and stay metal!



C/o Tue Brisson

Hjortoegade 10, 4 tv.

2100 Copenhagen OE



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